Soccer Goalkeeper

The goal keeper is the last line of defense. To play the position right the keeper must have impeccable agility, reaction times, explosiveness and often times just plain old luck. If you are looking to improve your goal keepers or you are a goal keeper yourself pay attention to the drills and articles below.

 In this section you will find many keeper drills,  articles for goal keepers, animated drills for the soccer goal keeper and much much more.  Goal keeper skills focus on catching, punting, punching and much much more. You need to be able to communicate from the back and developing great timing. With hard work and the right type of training you can find the skills growing to the point where you dominate the game.

To get started with goalkeeper training follow this track.  Number one: Set goals. You should set both long range and short range goals using the SMART System. Decide what you want out of the position.  Where do you want to go? Do you want to play in college? After setting up your vision and goals for the goalkeeping position do a needs analysis. This is often best done through your coach who can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.  After listing your strengths and weaknesses get drills from your coach to overcome those weaknesses.

Now practice. This same flow of development can be used by coaches, parents and athletes to develop a better goalkeeper.

Medicine ball Training for Goalkeepers

Use this drill to warm up goalkeepers before every game and practice.  It uses medicine balls and different passing movements.


Over under Goalkeeping drill


This soccer goalkeeper drill will challenge your goalkeepers ability to jump over an object,  roll then get up and then leap again to stop the ball. 


How to catch a soccer ball


Goal Keeping drill:  How to catch the Soccer ball.  If you want to learn the secrets of how to catch a ball if you are a keeper this video will help. 


Goalkeeper Drill: Punching the ball


Goal Keeping drill:  How to Punch the ball.  If you want to learn the secrets of how to punch a ball if you are a keeper, check this video out.


Goalkeeper Diving Drill


Goal Keeping drill:  Basics of goal keeping 


Ten Goalkeeping Training Tips