Soccer Passing

Passing skills are a critical aspect for the success of any team. Possession time with the ball will go up with better passing skills. If you pass the ball better you will be a better team. But its not that simple.

If you pass the ball better than your opponent you will win more games, sometimes.  Also, good passing could result in more fatigue at the end of the game due to your opponent chasing the ball. But, good passing does not always result in wins. Your team could have 70% possession time but in the end the other team scores a goal and you lose. I believe the lesson learned in this is passing in and of itself is not a powerful tool unless used to accomplish the objectives of the game, win.

An extreme example would be defenders and midfielders passing back and forth, never getting close to the goal.  What good is this form of possession if you don't get into scoring position? So rather than going for passing, shoot for purposeful passing.

In this section you will find many soccer drills, articles, animated soccer drills and much much more for improving your passing skills.  We focus on the individual and the team. 

Are your Players getting enough touches?  

Develop youth players by focusing on development and more touches, and less on games.

Passing and Receiving Part 2  


Pat I of the passing and receiving series concentrated primarily on helping players improve their ability to pass and receive the ball well. This section continues with that theme, but adds the important concepts of creating space, showing in channels, supporting the pass and making runs to create options. The first exercise, Circle Passing, keeps players moving in a fairly confined space, continues to develop the first touch and incorporates more parts of the body. ........


How to pass and receive the soccer ball-Lessons for the soccer player


The reason it is important to clean up the first touch, or the ability to receive ball well and to make accurate passes is because virtually every aspect of the game hinges on these two elements. When a coach prepares a training session, he or she is counting on the players to be able to execute the drills. When players are unable to deliver or receive balls well, the entire session can turn into a disaster.....


How to play soccer-the basics and fundamentals of the game


The objective of this article is to outline the basics and fundamentals of the game of soccer.  The article will attempt to teach you a little bit on how to play the game of soccer.  From fundamentals like passing and shooting, to how many players are on the pitch at one time this article will outline some of the basics.  You will find videos,  links to other resources for more in depth information.


Learn the Mechanics of Soccer passing through this Dynamic Soccer Drill


“Pass and Move” was a British hit by the English Premiership team Liverpool FC back in the 90’s and while that team didn’t always practice what they sang, it did epitomize the foundation for fast, dynamic soccer, the ability to control the ball, pass and find space.


Passing and Receiving part 1


Being able to make and receive good passes is a crucial element in the game of soccer. The components that are inherent in a good pass are related to every aspect of the game-- technique, positioning, movement, pace and accuracy must be done correctly to execute a good pass.


Passing drill with Chris Klein


This basics of passing a soccer ball with Chris Klein. This drill talks about passing the ball and the basics involved.