Soccer Injury Prevention

Improved performance should never come at the cost of an injured player. Goal #1 is injury prevention in a soccer conditioning program. Goal #2 is to improve performance. The good news is a soccer injury prevention program can improve performance too.

The information presented here is quite powerful. I recommend you read all the information presented here. Then print off a copy of FIFA's 11.  Follow those principles very closely. If you don't choose to follow FIFA's 11 for injury reduction then follow the link below that says "Scientifically proven ACL Injury Prevention Program." You can't go wrong with either or. Especially if you work with girls, you need to put the responsibility on yourself and devote a portion of your practice to implementing the program ideas listed below.

If we continue on the spectrum of prioritizing your soccer injury prevention, you should continue reading the other articles listed here as well. But, if time is a consideration start with the FIFA 11 or the "Scientifically proven ACL Injury Prevention Program" and do them. Parents get your kids (boys or girls) doing the exercises.  Players take responsibility on yourself and do the exercises.  Coaches you have a greater responsibility than just winning. It's the well being of your players.

Scientifically Proven ACL Injury Prevention Program

As a coach, athlete or parent you need to read and follow the steps of this program.

Part two-Four Effective Modalities for Reducting the risk of Injury

Getting hurt is part of sports. Knagging knee pain, tight backs, torn ACLs, sprained ankles come with the territory. But there are things you as a player, parent or coach can do to reduce the chance of getting injured.

Common Injuries, how long are athletes out and how to treat them

Examines common sports injuries.  The article also outlines the time frame athletes most frequently miss due to injury.  How to treat injuries is also examined.

Knee Pain-Is it in the knee or something else causing the problem?

If you are suffering from a case of knee pain is the problem really your knee or something else? When that nagging knee pain flairs up again and again will addressing the knee or some other part of the body fix the problem? 

Fifa's 11+ Soccer Injury prevention program needs to be followed by all youth soccer coaches.

Common Soccer Injuries

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