Soccer Program Design

Periodization and program design go hand in hand. As you work to design your soccer teams program or your own if you are a player it is important to understand what periodization is and how to apply it. Program design for soccer should be planned out with some allowances for flexibility.

If you want to avoid over trained and burnt out athletes that don't progress like they should I recommend that you read this section on periodization for soccer.  Program design and periodization go hand in hand in sport training. An element of periodization for soccer means that you will work on the correct sports elements at the right time.   Your program design should cycle in and out of different training elements.  For example, you will not do the same power training exercise year around.  You will need to cycle in and out of different power training exercises a different times of the year to ensure continued growth.

Off season demands for weight lifting are far great than during the season. In season periodization requires less volume than an off season program does. One resource to check out is the Planning the competition period in soccer below. This should help you plan your in season training for soccer.

10 Soccer Training Tips

Following these tips will improve speed,  agility, power,  reduce injury etc.