Soccer Commercials

In this soccer commercials section you will see soccer videos of many of the great soccer players like Ronaldinho and Beckham.

There are Nike soccer videos and Adidas soccer videos. Some of the soccer commercials are inspirational and others and just plain awesome.

You will see freestyle Ronaldinho soccer video where he juggles the ball and continues to hit the soccer ball off the cross ball.   You will see funny soccer videos and other ones where Portugal and Brazil play a small game in the tunnel before the game even starts.

In addition to the above information, you'll find  an article about Instant replay. Its a short article about why there should be instant replay then a rebuttal by one of the readers as to why there should not be instant reply. Read the article, and you decide on which side you fall. 

To watch the commercials or read the article just click the links below.

Is it time for Instant Replay?

Everyone else is writing an instant replay article why not me. We’ve seen too many mistakes. How many games have been decided because of a silly handball, a poor call on a free kick or some professional player flopping in the 18 yard box. How many red cards have been dealt that was not deserved?

Nike Soccer Commercial-Soccer video with Brazil vs. Portugal

This soccer commercial depicts Brazil vs. Portugal in this soccer commercial for Nike.

Nike Soccer Commercial-Brazil National Soccer Team

Nike Brazil Soccer Commercial with players like Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos,  Robinho and other Brazilian soccer stars.

Nike Soccer Commercial- Good vs. Evil

Nike Soccer Commercial that depicts good vs. evil.