Soccer Stretching and Flexibility

Don't overlook stretching and flexibility as part of your training. Properly stretching at the right time is a key to performance and injury prevention.

Soccer stretches come in all types and shapes.  It is applying this at the right time and the correct technique that will lead to decreased chances of injury and improved performance.

Training for soccer can include dynamic,  static, PNF, and Active isolated stretching etc.  Take time to improve your flexibility through these types of stretching exercises.  But there is one more type of stretch that is important-Foam Rolling.

Modern stretching programs should include foam rolling. Some call it self myofascial release. Look for the articles below on foam rolling of SMR to learn how to do it as they come up.

11 Stretching Tips

For an improved stretching routine follow these 11 stretching tips.

5 Dynamic Stretches to prepare for exercise and games

Dynamic Stretching is used primarily before exercise or a game to prepare the body for the event to come. The advantage is it can be done in a specific manner. Dynamic stretching is different from static stretching in that it involves movement.

Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching

As coaches and trainers we will perform anything from plyometrics to sprinting to reduce injury and increase performance.  The real question is whether the type of stretching we chose to perform before activity will have an affect on the performance and injury levels of our athletes. 

The Dos and Donts of Stretching

Dynamic Stretching Exercises and Tips

Soccer Stretching Exercises

How Stretching Increases Performance

Butterfly Stretch for the groin/adductor muscles