Balance Training for Soccer

Balance training for soccer cannot be overlooked when developing your athletes. In the grand scheme of thing balance is vital to success. Soccer ability does rely of balance.

Look at this way.  When a player is running and then stops quickly, the ability to maintain your balance will affect how quickly the athlete is able to recover and turn a new direction.  Training for balance will show ways to train for balance, especially for your youth players. 

As you learn about balance training think of it as not only static by dynamic movements as well.  In fact,  in soccer, balance of the body is going to be expressed in terms of moving.  Why should you incorporate balance training in your program design for soccer? There are a couple reasons but one really critical aspect that is possibly overlooked is injury reduction. Your probably sick of reading that on this website. Well, too bad. As a coach or player you really have a responsibility to reduce injury. And balance training is one of the methods used. There have been scientific studies that show a reduction in injury through balance training.  With that as a backdrop, please read the articles below.

5 Balance Training drills for Improved Balance


By and large we know balance has an important affect on life. Without balance it would impossible to stand. Traditionally we think of balance in terms of young kids walking a narrow balance beam or balancing on one leg. But it is important to consider balance as a dynamic process with each step, cut, or landing movement requiring its own element of balance. For the sake of this article we will examine balance from two general standpoints: First, balance as it relates to movement. Second, how to do it.