The Best Soccer Goals Ever!

This section is full of soccer videos of soccer goals. The best soccer goals section highlights the some of the best soccer players and some great soccer goals. To score a great soccer goal the shot must fit one or two plus categories.

For example, timing of the goal could be a big factor.  Another key factor could to include a

soccer video in the best soccer goals section is how fancy the goal was.  Bicycle kicks at a timely point in a game would no doubt be included in the list of goals.

There have been many great soccer goals throughout history.  Some that come to mind are Maradona's "Hand of God" goal, which might illustrate an infamous goal as opposed to a highly skilled goal.  But no doubt that Diego Maradona is on the list for his skill.  Everyone remembers when Diego weaved through the other soccer team to eventually score one of the greatest goals ever. 

You will no doubt see goals from David Beckham and Ronaldinho.  Pele with his great skill and ability to score goals will also be included in this Best of Soccer goals section.  To see all the soccer videos and articles related to this topic read or watch below.


Top 5 Weirdest Goals


Check out these top 5 weirdest soccer goals.  From goalies dropping balls and on players and the ball going in to time after time the ball hitting the goal post check out these top 5 weirdest soccer goals.