Soccer Warm Up

Proper Warm-up for soccer will make a difference in how ready your athletes are. It is more than just a short jog and a simple static stretching session. The articles below on warm up will give you clues into how to properly prepare for a game and practice.

Through out the years there have been some misconceptions about how to warm up before a soccer game or practice.  This page will provide soccer tips on dynamic stretching, static stretching and many other types of stretching to prepare the soccer athlete for competition. 

In the last few years you have probably read alot of stuff on static stretching before exercise.  You've probably heard that static stretching in some studies has actually hurt specific performance measures, like power or strength. But, later you read from some of the best performance coaches in the world that they do static stretching before exercise with their athletes. To clear up the debate read the Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching article to understand each type of stretching. In fact, you wil see that from the time I wrote the article to when I made the changes you will find some important updates about how to prepare for movement. If you want soccer tips for warming up before a game of practice read further.

Medicine ball Training for Goalkeepers

Use this drill to warm up goalkeepers before every game and practice.  It uses medicine balls and different passing movements.

Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching

As coaches and trainers we will perform anything from plyometrics to sprinting to reduce injury and increase performance.  The real question is whether the type of stretching we chose to perform before activity will have an affect on the performance and injury levels of our athletes.