Soccer Defense Tips

Learn how to play defense and follow these soccer defense tips and videos. This important skill of defense should be thought of in terms of individual and team defense.

 Sometimes the defender is out on an island and it is one v. one with no immediate help.  Other times the defender has back up. 

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, learning how to play defense correctly will win more games.  Playing it right will take pressure off the offense.  It is easier to win a game if you are not always scoring goals just to keep up with the other team. The interesting thing about defense is every player on the team should play it. Its not an exclusive party for only the defenders. Strikers can push up to put early presure on the team. Take personal pride in yourself as a player or build that pride in your players to have joy in shutting down your opponent. He or she is trying to beat you, now its your turn to beat them. Players that play great defense can contribute alot to a team and may find that they are playing more than ever before because you spent the time to become great at this skill.

Iimprove your skills with these soccer defense tips.

Defense Cover Part 1 and Defense Cover Part 2

Soccer Tackling - Use these tips to become better in defense in this critical soccer skill.

Defending From the Front in Soccer

Great defending is not a goalkeeper, backline exclusivity.  It starts with the front line and moves all the way back.

How to Play Defense

Defense Basics: The basics of playing defense. This video from US Youth Soccer shows the basics of playing defense in soccer.

2nd Defender Defense Drill

Defense is more than just about one on one defense.  This drill explains and shows us the basics of the second defender. US youth soccer defense tip.