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U8 Drills for Youth Soccer Players

by Taylor Tollison

Each age group in soccer has its own specific training needs.  You won't train U8 soccer player the same as you will a u18 soccer player.  That is pretty obvious. In this section I have compiled information on training u8 soccer players.  Below you will see a list of drills and fitness idea links to click on that will help you develop the u8 youth soccer player. 

Developing youth soccer players is a progression from one skill set to another. Miss the fundamentals and you could negatively affect that soccer player forever.

We have surfed the internet and combined various resources to help with coaching U8 soccer players. Link to this page from your site because it is a very extensive list of drills and ideas to help coaches and parents reference when coaching that age. 


Dribbling Lesson Plan

This dribbling lesson plan provides 5 different drills you should be doing with your u8 soccer players.  The lesson plan is gives the activity name, description of the drill, a diagram, and coaching points.  If you are looking for more coaching ideas for dribbling development use this guide. by US Youth Soccer


U6-U8 Dribbling Lesson Plan

This lesson plan breaks down dribbling into various categories.  Fundamental,  match related, match condition,  and cool down.  Read this guide in that it provides titles, descriptions, diagrams and coaching points for each.  by US Youth Soccer


U8 dribbling and passing games

4 ideas and games on working with u8 soccer players.  These games have diagrams and coaching points to help as you coach this young age group through the drills.  by US Youth Soccer


Receiving a soccer ball

U8 soccer players have needs different from older ages when developing the skill of receiving.  This Lesson plan outlines 6 different drills to focus on that will help develop this specific skill.  The drills are broken up into individuals, cooperative,  game, and a cool down.  Each lesson plan provides the name, description, a diagram and a coaching points.  by US Youth Soccer


Pairs Activities by US youth Soccer

5 drills specific to working on receiving for u8 soccer players.  In this lesson plan you will work on juggling with a partner,  soccer Newcomb,  Volley game,  Pong, and 2v2 get outta there.  This lesson plan provides the name, description, diagram and coaching points. 


Passing Lesson Plan by US youth Soccer

5 drills to work on passing at the u8 level.  Retrieval activity in pairs-getting them to work together, Pong, Gates passing drill,  gates game,  the match.  Lesson plan provides name, description and diagram of the drills.


Coaching manual

Although this manual does focus on u6-u8 soccer players it will provide a lot of ideas for coaching the u8 soccer player.  First,  it talks about characteristics of u8 soccer players, Then involving the parents of u8 soccer players,  coaching rationale,  and practice ideas. by


Formations and positional play for U8 soccer players

This article talks about why formations and positional play are not appropriate for u8 soccer players.


Teaching Games that Focus on Dribbling Technique

This focuses on small sided teaching games that will put the young soccer players in an environment conducive to learning and at the same time have fun.  The presentation focuses on proper technique. by US youth Soccer.


AYSO Soccer Drills for U8 Soccer Players

Each of the drills below provide the skill to be developed, diagram and other important information.

AYSO Coaching Manual for U8


AYSO U-8 Coach PowerPoint


Coaching Manual for U8 Soccer Coaches from NASL

8 week lesson plan for u8 soccer coaches.


Novice Coach DVD

If you are new to coaching and lack the experience and knowledge to coach youth soccer look at this DVD recommended by US youth Soccer.  Click here to find out more.  


Coaching U8's Book - A complete coaching course

This excellent book and cd-rom from the Dutch Soccer Association lay out complete season coaching plans for coaches of U8's.


Included are characteristics of players at each stage and what to expect in terms of performance and behavior. The Dutch method at all levels is based on a Circuit Model which emphasizes small groups, repetition and maximum ball contacts.


30 games and activities for U8 soccer players

Making soccer fun is the most important goal of any U8 soccer coach. On this DVD, developed by Iowa Soccer Association (ISA), U8 coaches are provided with the learning techniques to create fun and exciting coaching sessions for their young athletes.


You will learn about:
  • The four stages of empowered athletes.
  • Foundations of human movements.
  • 3 primary coaching goals.
  • Components of skill.
  • Open and closed skills.  What are they?