Learn how to shoot a soccer ball

Learn the skills and techniques to shooting a soccer ball. There is no doubt that mastering this skill will result in more wins. Soccer shooting, mastered, will get players more playing time and better chances to play at a higher level. Excellent soccer shooting will result in more wins.

 Players like Ronaldo have mastered this skill.  But, not all shots are created equal. Free kicks, instep drives, penalty kicks and more all create the opportunity for the soccer shot. You need the ability to score under pressure. Its easy in practice, but how do you do with a big strong defender glued to your back. Can you turn and score? Regardless of where you are on the spectrum you should push yourself to practice scoring in different ways. Here is an outline to improve the skill: First, set goals. The process of setting goals should include a weaknesses review. Can you score with your left foot? Do you choke when defenders surround you? After creating the goals and identifying your weaknesses lay out how you will achieve your goals. If you can't score with your left foot set a goal to shoot 200 shots a day with your left foot. Create repetition and improve the weakness.  Now you are a greater player.

Check out the videos and articles below to learn more about this all to important skill of shooting a soccer ball. In this section you will get these features and benefits for soccer shooting:  shooting drills for soccer, videos on how to kick a soccer ball, and articles on shooting.

How to shoot a soccer ball with Chris Klein


This basics of shooting a soccer ball with Chris Klein. This drill talks about the basics of how to shoot a soccer ball with professional soccer player Chris Klein.


In-Step Drive


In-step Drive: Shooting a Soccer Ball. Learn how to shoot a soccer ball with an in-step drive.