Soccer Dribbling Skills

Soccer dribbling skills come in many different forms. Some players might rely on more fundamental  moves while other players will use fancy footwork with eye dropping soccer dribbling moves.

 Developing this skill is a long process that is, like any other skill improved over the years.  The key is to approach it systematically and appropriately to your age and level. 

One should not think that his/her level of dribbling will be like Zidane by age 10.  To be a great soccer player it is advantageous to be able to dribble with both feet. You should be able to ward off defenders and create time and space for yourself and your team.  Use these videos, drills and articles to improve your team. 


Stop, Hop and Flick


Learn the stop hop and flick move in soccer.  Actually more of a demonstration of the move.


Close Quarters Drilling Drill


A simple soccer drill for dribbling.


3 Soccer Dribbling Moves


This video will walk you through 3 key distinct moves.


Change of Direction with the soccer ball


This drill will help develop the change of direction with the soccer ball.


How to dribble a soccer ball with Chris Klein.


This basics of dribbling a soccer ball with Chris Klein. This drill talks about keeping the eyes up,  using both feet, keeping the ball close and using the inside and outside of the feet.


Dribbling for Control


Video on how to dribble for control in soccer.