Watch Soccer Bloopers videos here!!!

Many funny moments happen throughout the course of a soccer season. To be included in this section a soccer blooper will be funny, weird, or just a plain stupid play.

We all like to laugh and sports are a great venue to do that. Usually in sports we see great feats of athleticism. Athletes trying their hardest to make a great play, coaches pushing the team to play perfect are sometimes interupted by moments of mishap,  or bloopers as we call them. 

You will get a kick out of the soccer diving video. The video shows a coach of an Italian team teaching his athletes how to dive. But that is just one video.  Check them all out.  I don't have proof of this but the funny referree video can't be real;  its just to crazy. In bloopers video part 1, among all the other funny parts, you'll see a coach head butt a player, then flop down like he is the one that got head butted.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the soccer blooper videos below. If you enjoy them click on the social media share buttons at the top of each page.


Bloopers video part 1


If you are in to soccer bloopers or bloopers of any kind then watch the video


Diving in Soccer


I just had to put this video on here.  I thought everyone would enjoy this. This is a funny video about diving in soccer from