Small Sided Games

In the content below you will find alot of good information about small sided games. There are animated drills so you can visualize the drills, power point presentations and more to help your maximize your potential in small sided games.

Small Sided games play a big part in training for soccer.  Small sided games are fundamental to preparing soccer teams for games.  Coaches use small sided games to train for soccer because as Tom Goodman says,

  • They allow athlete's to touch the ball more

  • "Because we want our young soccer players to have more individual teaching time with the coach."

  • More goal keeping opportunities.

  • and many many more reasons.

To bring your teams play to the next level, make sure to make small sided games an integral part of your soccer training.  Check back often because new articles on small sided games will be continually be added to this section.  There is no doubt that when small sided games are employed, your training for soccer can take a leap when done right.


3v2 soccer midfield support game


Check out this midfield support game.  Start to include it into your practice today. This was designed by CoachFX


2 v 2 Small Sided Soccer Game


Learn how to play the 2 v 2 small sided soccer game correctly.  Watch how the game is played with this animated soccer drill.


Six v. Six Small Sided Game


If you are curious as to what the US. MNT team does for training, this video will give an example of a six versus six small sided game. 


4v4 Small Sided Game


Check out this new 4v4 small sided animated game.