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2 v2 Small Sided Soccer Game

The 2 v 2 small sided soccer game enables players to go two against two while trying to score the ball. Work under pressure, on your passing skills and ability to finish etc. 

The 2 v2 small sided game works by cycling the team that just played offense to defense and the team that just played defense off the field. The teams that are not playing are lined up in two lines on opposite sides of the goal. After the offensive team is done with the series they will stay on the field and immediately switch to defense. Then the other two players, that are next in line will be moved to offense and try to score the ball.

Materials needed for the 2 v 2 small sided game: -2 goals -Multiple soccer balls (make sure that each offensive team will have one ready to go when their turn is up.)   To properly set up the small sided game. Make sure that you have teams properly spread out on each end of each goal.

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