Soccer Heading

In this section you will learn how to head a soccer ball. You will also learn more advanced drills, articles and techniques vital to being an expert in this all important skill.

There is a right way and a wrong way to head a soccer. After watching the experts head a soccer ball you will quickly see this soccer skill is vital to winning.  Whether in some sort of set piece, or trying win the ball at the mid field the header is vital. The basic techniques to heading a soccer ball are: Make sure you are watching the ball. If you close your eyes you might find yourself with a nose full of ball and that would not be fun. Next, contact the ball with the forehead. Before contact make sure you lean back. When you make contact with the ball, head through it, leaning forward and using your neck to put power on the soccer ball. And finally to create precision and direction your end motion should include you looking directly at the intended target.

To learn how to head a soccer ball read the drills below or watch the free videos provided below.


Fast paced video of a soccer drill that utilizes movement and heading


Soccer heading video that shows a drill that it used in a team environment.