Recovery techniques for soccer and sports, regeneration, recovery

With the best of intentions athletes are pushed to brink of exhaustion. Without proper rest and recovery these athletes could then become tired, lethargic and sometimes injured.

Proper recovery from exercise means athletes will not only fully recover to their previous levels but will oftentimes grow their soccer fitness, strength and agility further beyond.

In order, for this to happen answer this question, does the body improve during exercise or during rest? If you answered rest you are correct. Let's go on a journey together. Pretend you're an awful coach or trainer and you believe that the more work you put in the better the players will be. So part of your master plan to create the ideal soccer athlete you work them and work them and work them without any sufficient time off. Now to your surprise one by one players are developing overuse injuries, are feelikng sluggish, run slower than before and are not interested in playing soccer anymore.  Congrats, you've just overtrained your team.

Proper recovery is so important. And as players, coaches and parents you've got to realize that taking a day off is ok.  Because its during the down time that your body is growing.

Please read the articles and drills below on how to maximize your teams recovery.


Restoration and Regeneration for Optimal Performance

Rest, recovery and regeneration are vital to the optimal performance of your soccer team.  Restoration is the act of restoring something or someone to a satisfactory state. In sports this means that the body must recover from the mental and physical exertion of the activity to the point where the athlete trains at optimal levels.