Free Ball Control Tips and Drills

Without precise ball control how can you excel at the top levels of play? In fact, how can you excel at the lower levels too.

Can you trap a ball?  Probably.  Can you trap a ball while under pressure? Not sure. When controlling the ball you should always have a goal in mind. Knowing whether you will pass to a team member, or dribble at a defender will affect what kind of kind is best.

Practice this regularly to develop these skills. First, all rolling balls should be controlled with the instep of inside of your foot. Be precise with this movement. Don't be lazy with it.  If the ball is a little higher, between the foot and the knee use the instep of the foot again, although this time lift the leg up.

You might also trap the ball on your chest or thigh. The chest is a great example of knowing whether you will pass to a teammate, keep it yourself or do some other move.  As you know ball control is not only about controlling the pass at your feet or immediately in front of your. Ball control can be counted as control the ball to accomplish the desired task. This task might be a pass to a teammate.

To get more Ball Control tips and develop your skills read the articles and tips below.

First touch control drill 


This animated drill will show how to develop the first touch in soccer. The drill utilizes the whole team by putting them in 4 different corners.....


Ball Control Drill with Agility/footwork


To work on ball control and your footwork in one drill look at this soccer drill.


3 Person Ball Control Drill


Simple but effective and efficient drill to learn touch and control with the ball in a fast paced environment, use this drill.


Receive Ground Balls


How to receive ground ball in soccer from US Youth Soccer.