Set Plays

Set plays have a tremendous affect on the game. Its a skill that should be developed on the individual level and the team level.

Players like David Beckham are renowned for their free kick prowess. Precision and high levels of skill are the calling card of players like Beckham. He possesses the ability the twist and turn the ball or send it into a crowd of players. Having this asset on your team is a huge advantage.

On the team level the coach and style of play can play a huge part in the success of the team. As stewart flaherty has said, coaches should teach their team to play with tempo at restarts. He further says to count down from three seconds every time the ball goes out of play or a free kick is awared. Make tempo a key part of your set play philosophy. Playing kickly you might find the other team not set or ready for the throw in or free kick.

Crossing The Soccer Ball-Part 2

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Crossing The Soccer Ball

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The Tempo of Set Plays

As a coach its important that tempo at restarts is part of your coaching plan.  Teach this skill to your players to have more success on the field.