Soccer Testing

Testing is not only a tool that will allow you to effectively assess your team, but it will help you motivate players to a new level. Players want to improve. In this vital section you will learn about the various soccer tests available.

Testing your soccer athletes is a vital component to test readiness for competition.  But, for testing to be valid you need to allow for repeatable results. Make sure you test the same way each time. Let's say the first time you test its a sunny day on the grass with cleats running the 40 yard dash. Then after 3 months you want to test their improvement. The second time its been raining all day so the field is slick and muddy and rather than use the laser timer you had the first time you use the hand timer. What do you think will happen with the results?

My first tip for successful testing is make sure the environment, clothing, and other equipment are the same or similar enough to not throw off the results.

My second tip for successful testing is use tests that actually measure soccer related aspects. For example, I don't recommend the test to run the 2 mile under 12 minutes or any minutes for that matter. That will measure their ability to run 2 miles fast but it does not measure soccer fitness.  Plus by doing this you are encouraging your athletes to train incorrectly in the off season to prepare for a test, not soccer. Instead do the Yo yo intermittent recovery test. You can read more about it under "Soccer Testing: Which test should you really be using?"

Soccer Testing:  Which test should you really be using?

I think all of us have seen a handful of soccer tests for fitness through out the years.  The trick is knowing which one is best for testing fitness in soccer. So how do you really know which test is the right one for testing soccer fitness levels?

Animated Illinois Agility Test

The Illinois Agility test is a great way to test agility for the game of soccer. The ability to accelerate and decelerate is a very desired trait of soccer players.  This is one of the traits measured in this test. Comes with testing norms as well.

  20 and 40 Yard Dash Team Test  


The 20 and 40 yard dash tests are meant to be performed simultaneously in a team setting.  By performing these tests    simultaneously you will save time.


The Hoff Test


This test is designed to assess aerobic performance in soccer by means of a specific dribbling track.