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Medicine Ball Training For GoalKeepers

by Justin Shepherd

Medicine ball training is one of the most important warm ups to do as a keeper. The medicine ball will strengthen your wrists, hands and arms. This warm up should be used in training and pre game warm-up.

Listed below are the steps on how to properly warm up before an intense goalkeeping practice.

Step 1

Start by bouncing a 5lb medicine ball around a 15 x 15 foot box. When you feel like you are warmed up start catching the ball before the ball comes to your waste.

You should bounce and catch the ball a total of 100 times.

Step 2

Now that you are warmed up its times to start incorporating diving and catching the ball in the air. As for the diving part, bounce the ball a total of three times. On the third bounce, bounce the ball to your right/left side and dive at the ball. After your dive get up using the rocking method and try not to use your hands when getting up.

For catching the ball in the air, bounce the ball three times again and on the third bounce throw the ball in the air and catch the ball at its highest point.

This warm up should be performed for a total of 15 min.

Pre game warm up

For a pre game warm up start by throwing the 5lb medicine ball to a partner.

Throw over hand (wind mill throw) until your shoulder and hands feel loose and warmed up.

Then start by bouncing the ball on the ground to your partner and catching it in front of your face or in your gut.

Bounce pass

Then start rolling the ball (bowling) to your partner and catching in the ground then ending with ball in your stomach.

Bowling pass

Then to wrap up your warm up finish up with high ball catching

This pre game warm up should be performed for a total of 15 min .

I hope you enjoy this warm up. I do this with my keepers before every training and pre game.

Justin Shepherd is played 4 years of college and 1 year of NPSL soccer. He is now the Director of Goalkeeping for New Mexico Nike Rush. His soccer team was nationally ranked when he played youth soccer.