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Top 5 Weirdest Soccer Goals

by Taylor Tollison

Check out these top 5 weirdest soccer goals. From goalies dropping balls and on players and the ball going in to time after time the ball hitting the goal post check out these top 5 weirdest soccer goals.

Top 5 weirdest soccer goals

  • Player tries to head ball into goal,  goalie saves it then drops it,  it eventually goes to back to a player who kicks it off another player.
  • From outside the 18 yard box a player kicks the ball, it hits off one goal post, crosses over to the other side and hits the other one, then goes in.
  • This one is weird,  it hits and bounces off multiple players then finally finds it way into the goal.
  • Goalie drops ball on player then goes in.
  • Team tries and tries to score but the ball keeps hitting the goal post. Watch the top 5 weirdest soccer goals below.