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Anterior Deltoid Stretching Exercises

by Taylor Tollison

The anterior deltoid is located on the front side of the deltoid head. The detoid muscles are commonly known as the shoulder muscles.

To feel the anterior deltoid activated try this exercise with no weights.  Extend your right arm in front and roll your arm so that your palm is facing the sky. Now touch the front part of the deltoid with the left hand. It should feel tight and activated. You should also find that the Posterior Deltoid (back/rear) is relaxed and lose. The front part of the shoulder that feels tight is the focus of the stretches in this exercise.

anterior deltoidThe image to the right is broken up into the posterior (Rear) and Anterior (Front) views. The anterior view shows the anterior deltoid.

Exercises to build the Anterior Deltoid Muscles

Some common exercises that involve the Anterior Deltoid Muscles are:

  • Front Shoulder Hammer Raise with a dumbbell
  • Front Shoulder Raise with bands, dumbbells, barbells
  • Bench Press

As a basic fitness enthusiast whose primary goal is not bodybuilding it is not advisable to put a lot of stock into two of the exercises above. You would be better served developing the anterior deltoid muscles in an exercise like the bench press. This compound exercise will develop the chest muscles while also working the anterior deltoid. It's a double whammy. The other exercises like front should hammer raise or front should raises would not be adviseable unless those specific movements are needed in your everyday life.

Both time and functionality are limiting factors in choosing those other non functional exercises.

Anterior Deltoid Stretch