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Free Soccer Drills for players of all ages.  Improve your speed,

by Taylor Tollison

This animated Coach FX drill is designed to build fitness while working on shooting, and multiple dribbling angles.

Shooting drill Overview This is a great drill to work in a team environment. Multiple players can work simultaneously. This gives the goalie additional work in goal and it also gives players a chance to improve their fitness while using the soccer ball. In addition you don't need lots of space to do this drill, which allows you to break up in two groups. Read below for equipment needs, intensity etc.

How to do the drill  

Players will line up at the top left corner or bottom right corner of the drill box. The first player starts by sprinting maximally to the flags where he/she will weave in and out of the flags with the ball. Once the first player finishes the flags the next player will start.   After finishing the flag portion dribble to the hurdle where you will touch the ball through and run around and get the ball. Continue dribbling to the square box where you will work on dribbling backwards around each side of the box. After dribbling through the box face forward and shoot at goal.  


Instead of dribbling through the flags touch it forward past the flags and run through the flag course with out the ball. Following the flag course regain the ball and start dribbling again. Instead of dribbling backwards around the box, work on other needed dribbling flaws you might have.

Equipment Needed  

5 cones or flags for dribbling course 1 hurdle to kick ball in between (Hurdle is not vital. Choose two cones to kick the ball in between and run around. This will make more sense when you watch the video.) 1 goal and goalie 4 more cones for backwards dribbling course 2 cones to mark where players will start  


 It is vital that each repetition is done at 100% intensity and speed. Important note: The athletes will not be able to move at 100% speed while dribbling through the flags or doing the dribbling box. CoachFX

zig zag agility with ball