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Step Over-Soccer Moves Part One

by Stewart Flaherty

This article is a summary of soccer moves that you can use to beat defenders. When doing any soccer move you should do it with the end goal in mind. While soccer moves can look good on the highlight reel, they are not for show and you should have your aim and final product in mind. In fact, performing a move such as a step over can actually slow you down and be of benefit to the defender if your timing is not right.

You should be performing a soccer move either for penetration or possession. A soccer move for penetration is to beat a defender, get in behind them and either be in on goal, or force the defensive team to scramble and give you opening to find a teammate with a pass or cross. A soccer move for possession does not necessarily have to end up with you beating a defender in behind. Instead, you just have to find a half yard or so of space away from defensive pressure, enough space to perform a successful pass, or open up a shooting lane.

The timing of a soccer move is important, you should perform a soccer move a yard or so away from the opposing defender. What you are trying to achieve, is to perform the move when the defender is hesitating and making a decision as to whether or not they should go into a tackle.

Practice soccer moves first against no opposition to refine technique, then against a cone or stationary object, before practicing against live opposition. Repetition and time invested are the key to performing successful moves. You need a confident mentality to achieve this, and you only earn the right to be confident through regular practice.


The step over is primarily a soccer move for penetration. Face the opposing defender and step right foot around the ball, as you plant right foot drop shoulder and sell to the defender that you are going to try and beat her on the right hand side. Quickly plant your foot, shift weight and tap the ball with the outside of your left foot to the defenders other side, accelerate past the defender with the ball under control.

Part two is about the drag back and inside hook.