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Drag Back and Inside Hook Soccer Moves

by Stewart Flaherty

The drag back is a soccer move commonly used for possession, it allows you to move the ball quickly away from direct defensive pressure, and to give yourself room to pass, cross or shoot.

As you are facing a defender put the sole of your foot on top of the ball, and roll the ball back away from the defender. As you drag the ball back turn your body so the ball is still in front of you and you are facing in the direction you want to go. Quickly dribble the ball away from defensive pressure, and dribble the ball with the foot furthest away from the defender. This will allow you to shield possession with your body as you dribble.


The inside hook is a soccer move used primarily for possession. With the defender in front or to the side of you, this move takes the ball away from pressure and allows you to perform a pass or shot. If the defender is on your left, use the knuckle of your left big toe to hook around the ball and drag it at a 90 degree angle and away from the defender. Turn and accelerate away from the defender, who will be directly behind you.


This is a variation of the hook turn. With the defender on your right shoulder, use the knuckle of your left pinky toe to hook around the ball and hook it way form the defender. Turn with the ball and accelerate away from the defender who will be directly behind you.


Practice a different turn every day. Perform 20 repetitions against no opposition, 20 repetitions against a cone or obstacle, before performing 20 against a live defender. Ask the defender to go full speed and keep track of how many successful repetitions you achieve against them each day.

Practice every turn in both directions, and develop the ability to perform each turn with both feet. This way, you can always turn and dribble with the foot furthest from the defender, allowing you to shield possession with your body.