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Animated 1 V 1 Striker Drill

This is one of the free soccer drills from CoachFX.   It is a designed with the striker in mind.  As you watch the free drill you will notice the different situations the striker is put in or even the possibilities the striker can score from.  Whether you are working with your back to the net or playing off other players around you, this drill provides comprehensive ways to develop the striker.

Drill Set-up  

  • 1 goal
  • 4 cones
  • 6 total players
  • 3 players outside
  • 1 offensive player
  • 1 defensive player
  • 1 goalie  

How to perform the 1 v 1 Striker drill  

As seen in the picture above you don't use the whole field for this drill. Three players operate outside the box where the striker and the defender will operate initially. One of the three outside players will feed the ball into offensive player inside the box. The objective is then for the offensive player to score and for the defensive player to stop the score.  

As you will see on the animated portion of this free drill, the offensive player can receive the ball inside the box then pass it back out to one of the players for a cross or some other kind of play to score. I recommend that you take advantage of all the opportunities to develop during this drill.


  • This striker drill puts the offensive player and thus the defensive player in all kinds of situations to improve. For example:
  • The striker can work with his/her back to the goal.
  • The striker can receive the box at the top of the box with the player on his/her back, then pass out to one of the players outside the box who will then cross the ball into the box for a winning header.
  • This drill will require the offensive player to hold off the defender to receiver the ball.
  • The striker can work on give and goes.
  • Every situation the striker is put in, the defender must also defend.

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