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Push Up

by Taylor Tollison

Todayís topic for bodyweight training is the pushup. I like the pushup because of the total body workout it gives.

The push up works the same muscles as the bench press but also gives you a core workout as well. If soccer players canít do many pushups in a row there is no need to use the bench press. Going directly to the bench press if a player canít do many push ups in a row is a disservice to that player. Rule number one, no bench press until you are satisfied a certain level of proficiency with pushups.

Especially if you coach girls youíll probably find a good number of them that really struggle with doing a normal pushup not on their knees with good technique. As the guys get older pushups wonít be as much of a problem as it is for the girls.

To get started test your players, both males and females. See how many pushups they can do total in a row without a time limit. For the girls specifically I would not test how many they can do in one minute because as I mentioned earlier many of them wonít be able to do even one good push up. Only count the pushups that using the good technique mentioned below. If good technique is not used donít count the pushup.

Use the pushup to build strength. A good push up for me is not on your knees (but can be at the start), your body is straight from the top of the head through the ankles (you can lift you head up as seen in the image to the left). Do not sag an part of your body including the head. A full push up is starting up top with your arms straight, lowing your body keeping perfect technique as mentioned till you touch the ground with your chest and return to the top. This same technique should be used in exercise and testing.