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Manchester United Speed Drill

by Taylor Tollison

This is one of the best soccer specific drills out there.† The reason it is one of the best is because you can work many of the attributes required for successful soccer speed. The routine below is devised from the Manchester Unitedís version of this exercise protocol.

The purpose of this routine is to develop soccer specific acceleration, agility and power. Each repetition is done at 100%. This exercise is both fun and effective. Please refer to the picture below for the layout. Start the drill where the two players are standing (cone 1). It doesn't matter what side of cone 1 you start on. Split the soccer team up into two separate teams with 1/2 standing behind one set of cones and the other half standing behind the second set.

Soccer agility drill

Drill Options

Sprint to the end of the stack (cone 7), run around the cone then sprint back to the cone 1. Without stopping run around cone 1, and sprint all the way through the finish. Once that athlete has crossed the finish the next athlete can start. Repeat this till everyone has gone. This is a relay. (Key point: Your athletes must have good body lean in the stack for optimal acceleration technique.)

Repeat the drill starting on the opposite side of cone 1 that you previously started on.

This drill is done exactly the same as the previous example except a few differences. As you make the turn around cone 7 you will continue facing the finish and instead of running forwards to cone 1 you will run backwards. Then as you round cone 1 you will run to the finish facing forward again. (Key point: This whole drill is executed with the athletes whole body facing towards the finish never facing the starting point.)

Repeat the drill starting on the opposite side of cone 1 you previously started on.