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Traffic Lights U6 Soccer Drill

by Taylor Tollison

Players have a ball each in a 20-30 yard box, while dribbling the ball in this game tell them they are driving their car.

Add fun to the game by making car noises and honking horns as they get close to other drivers. This further reinforces the need to look out for other players and dribble into space. Call “red light” for players to stop. Encourage players to dribble with the ball close so they can stop immediately. To add fun and different levels of difficulty within the game you can use the following progressions; Traffic lights soccer

  • Freeway – Dribbling as fast as possible with ball under control.
  • Parking tickets – Call freeze and give parking tickets to players not in open space, award points for those who are.
  • Traffic circle – Have players change direction teaching different turns.
  • Runaway truck – You run around as a truck and the players must avoid crashing into you, this teaches the concept of turning away from pressure.
  • Car wash – Players must touch a cone with their ball to wash their car. Awarding points for first 3 players to do so teaches speed and recognizing an area to dribble to.