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Animated Zig Zag Soccer Agility Drill with Ball

by Taylor Tollison

The unique thing about how this soccer agility drill was designed is that it includes the ball. This agility drill puts the player in a position to receive a ball under control then return the ball to the passer under control.

After the person doing the drill returns the ball to the passer he/she then accelerates as fast as possible around the next cone to receive the next ball then pass back under control to the passer.

The zig zag soccer agility drill puts the player in positions where they must think while they sprint. The drill puts the soccer player in a position where they must control their body at the right time but also be as fast as possible.

How to perform the Zig Zag Soccer Agility drill

This agility drill is to be performed at full speed but under control, especially with the ball. Try to time the passes so that the player minimizes stopping. This will help with timing on both the passers and receivers part. The video shows occasional stops when receiving the passes, just work to improve this aspect as you do the Zig Zag Agility drill.

Here is an important point to remember. When the athlete runs around the last cone in the row he/she must then cut to the left inside so that the player is now on the left side of the next row. That is where the passer will be standing. Then as the player goes around the next cone he/she must cut the right inside so that he/she will now be running up the right side of the cones. That is where the next passer will be standing. Finally, the player will cut to the left inside so that he/she is running up the left side of the cones. where the final passer is standing. Watch the video below to see how the drill works.

Each cone is 5 yards apart. Coachfx

zig zag agility with ball