Soccer Tackling

These tips should improve your soccer defense abilities (Posted 11/12/2013)

Common Soccer Injuries (1/13/2014)

Back Health and Fitness  (2/102/2014)

 Top Ten Tips

Check out these general exercise tips. Not specific to soccer (Posted 9/16/2013)

 4-3-3 Soccer Formation Fundamentals

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the 4-3-3 Soccer Formation (Posted 7/16/2013)

3523-5-2 tips

Learn more about this formation:  the strengths, weaknesses, and other key ideas.

3-4-3 Defending

To play the 3-4-3 soccer formation correctly you need to defend right.  This article delves into some of the key points on how to defend in a 3-4-3.   (Posted 6/24/2013)

Strength and Weaknesses of the 3-4-3

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the 3-4-3 Soccer Formation. This article also delves into the requirements of running the 3-4-3.   (Posted 6/22/2013)

Stretching and Performance

Stretching can actually help improve performance. By following a structured stretching plan your performance can improve.  (Posted 5/25/2013)

Soccer Stretching Exercises and Tips

Learn how soccer stretching can help your soccer game.. (Posted 5/23/2013)

Conditioning for Soccer - Tips and Principles

These tips for conditioning will help you better compete on the soccer field. (Posted 5/15/2013)

keeper Ten Soccer Goalkeeper Training Tips

Ten high powered tips to make sure the goalkeeper is performikng well in these areas. (Posted 5/13/2013)

Who is Taylor Tollison


Certified Personal Trainer

Taylor Tollison gratuated from the University of Utah in 2004 with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. After Graduating Taylor completed two youth specific courses and certifications from the IYCA. He is Youth Speed and Agility Specialist Level 1 and Youth Fitness Specialist Level one certified.

In addition to the previous certifications mentioned Taylor is also a Performance Enhancement Specialist through the NASM.

Elite Soccer Conditioning will help you improve performance, reduce injuries, and become a better player by improving your soccer skills.  Improved performance should never come at the cost of an injured player. Goal #1 is injury prevention in a soccer conditioning program. Goal #2 is to improve performance. Use the Soccer Drills and other information to become a better player

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