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Taylor Tollison Qualifications-NASM-PES, IYCA-YSA 1 and YSF 1

Part of the problem with sports performance training is that some coaches and athletes approach training all wrong. Decreasing performance, not reaching athletic potential and increasing the athlete's chance of injury can all be part of an incorrectly designed program.

The problem is some hold on to their old misconceptions about training for sport and apply that to their current athletes. Let me ask you a couple of questions.

For many of you this will not apply, but there are also many that need to honestly answer these questions.

1) Does your current training program actually decrease speed and power?

2) Do I train my athlete's like they are professionals?

3) Does my team strength train?

4) If my team does strength train do I train movements or muscles?

5) How much time during practice do I spend on injury prevention?

6) Through proper evaluation of your teams training methods are you giving your athletes the best chance for success in the long term and short term?

The goal at is to deliver quality materials and products that will educate soccer athletes, parents and coaches on how to properly train for this sport. Over time the above questions along with others will be answered in one way or another. Through implementing the principles on this website you will be able to decrease injury, increase performance and better reach your long term potential.

Where you might have seen me.

I Provided content for these state association publication and/or websites:  

-Utah Youth Soccer Association

-Michigan Youth Soccer Association

-Cal South -Ohio Youth Soccer Association -Indiana Youth Soccer Association

-Oregon Youth Soccer Association  

Content provider for this publication:  

-Performance Conditioning Soccer

Certifications and Creditials

Furthering his knowledge Taylor recently completed two youth specific courses and certifications.  He is Youth Speed and Agility Specialist Level 1 and Youth Fitness Specialist Level one certified.  These are offered through the International Youth Conditioning Association.

In addition to the above certifications Taylor is also a Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.